Honolulu Triathlon Recap

Last week was Hawaii’s Honolulu Triathlon festival where I love to race in May of every year. It is always a good hit out to see where you are at in terms of fitness for the big races around the corner in summer. The event draws huge numbers from Japan as the one of the event directors focuses on that market, of the 1,200 participants around 600 are from Japan. This year they also brought a 2 time Olympian and badass Olympic distance athlete Continue reading

Keeping it Real!!!

My main reason for this post is to put words on paper about a friend that many of us tragically lost over the weekend. It was an overnight surprise where he passed away with his wife and daughter the people he loved the most. On Sunday morning a very big group of athletes met for our weekly “Sunday World Championship Ride” which our friend Eduardo named a few years ago because of the intense battle we do to each other. But our great friend Eduardo had passed away the night prior and it made for a somber ride around the island where we did battle in his name.  I had a hard time riding my bike for the first few hours but I realized that riding was one of the things he loved most and that he would want us to push every hill and live every moment, just as he always did.

The title of my blog is “keeping it real” this is a saying that I have used for many years. It means be who you are, say what you mean, stay true to yourself and never be fake. It also means do what you love and what you want to do, not what you think you should do or what society says you should do. I hate to say it but most people I know don’t live by this philosophy. The only person I truly feel kept it real 100% of the time was my friend Eduardo. The saying almost sounds selfish that you do what you want without thinking of others, but that is not it. Continue reading

The story behind my current job position.

The story starts with me on the Big Island in my last year of College and I was about to start chasing a Triathlon Dream without even knowing it. In high school I noticed my dad took a black pill that was in a red bottle and it was basically the only supplement that I remember him taking. One day I decided that I loved riding bikes, especially on the Big Island, this was also because of working at a bike shop and looking at all the cool magazines. I started to do a few races and started having success straight away, I then looked at the fact that I was a good runner and I was a good swimmer 10 years ago as a kid. I knew that my real potential was going to be in Triathlon. Continue reading

Final Triathlon of the 2012 season: Lavaman Keauhou

My final Triathlon of the 2012 season is now in the books. It was another fun race on the Big Island at the Keauhou Lavaman. This year I was heading back to defend my title from last years event. I felt good heading into the event with another win on my mind. A new situation was involved for the top placings with the introduction of prize money. This always changes the dynamics of a race as well as the field, and to my surprise when I arrived at Transition Chris Lieto was already there ready to go. “Oh Shit, not Good” I said out loud. I have raced him many, many times from Huge World Champ events to National events, but never in a local event. Continue reading

The Big Dance in the Big City, New York!

Another Ironman is done and dusted this time with the back drop in the big city of New York, most of the race was in New Jersey but I have to admit it was a stones throw from Manhattan. Race week was fun as me and the wife stayed in the Hilton near Central Park. I did my pre race workouts all in the park and a few swims in a 12 mtr pool near our hotel. Pre race I was a bit frustrated as there was a possibility of a duathlon with a sewage break somewhere in the Hudson River. Continue reading